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PHP Suit
Useful PHP scripts

Useful scripts

PHP scripts minifier

Nothing special. Just a little online tool for compressing PHP scripts. This tool strips whitespace and comments from your PHP script, exactly in the same way as the PHP interpreter does.

PHP functions in JavaScript

If you're frustrated with JavaScript and its "higher-level function support", remembering the rich PHP library, try this. PHP.JS is an open source project in which we try to port PHP functions to JavaScript. By including the PHP.JS library in your own projects, you can use your favorite PHP functions on the client-side.

Paypal Direct Payment Component Using cURL

Another PayPal component for your pages.

Blog: Tips and tricks from other pages VIII

How to validate a credit card number and how to use SSL with cURL?

BlogAPI Drupal filter

Using blog clients such as BlogJet or Windows Live Writer with Drupal can produce some unwanted things, such as ignoring the perex/article break or curious formatting. There is very simple module to solve.

Harmony Framework

The PHP framework which can convert PHP code into JavaScript.

PHP Interactive

A web based interactive shell for PHP

Blog: Tips and tricks from other pages VII

PHP under control, LINQ and cURL examples...

Tip: Create a zip file from folders

How to compress files from some folder into one ZIP file in PHP?

Blog: Tips and tricks from other pages VI

Some PHP snippets, the cURL-based HTTP class, session starter that works across the browsers and a little tip for your .htaccess to lowering load and save the bandwith. Go on!

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