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PHP Suit
Useful PHP scripts

Blog: Tips and tricks from other pages VII

PHP under control, LINQ and cURL examples...

phpUnderControl is an addon application for the continuous integration tool CruiseControl, which integrates some of the best PHP development tools. This project aims to make your first steps with CruiseControl and PHP as easy as possible. Therefore phpUnderControl comes with a command line tool that performs all modifications to an existing CruiseControl installation.


A set of PHP classes mimicing C#3.0's LINQ (Language Integrated Query) extension methods.


(Con: I read about the PHP Implementation of LINQ called PHPLinq. Frankly, I was sceptical about it. Finally, I gave it a try. I still remain sceptical... - Is PHPLinq As Cool As Real LINQ?)

We try to collect examples on how to program the PHP/CURL interface here. If you have any source snippests you want to share with the rest of the world, please let us know!

PHP / cURL examples collection