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PHP Suit
Useful PHP scripts

Blog: Tips and tricks from other pages VI

Some PHP snippets, the cURL-based HTTP class, session starter that works across the browsers and a little tip for your .htaccess to lowering load and save the bandwith. Go on!

A small list of some useful code snippets which might help you when writing your PHP scripts - mail check, password generator, check IP, XSLT transform, sending mail etc.

10 code snippets for PHP developers

I expanded the previous sample of Basic cUrl and PHP Usage. I added the headers processing which can be useful to handle cookies. It is now easier to use but basic PHP knowledge is required.

eHTTP client class

If a session based web application is used by a visitor using Internet Explorer it's possible that this user get some trouble. This will happen if parts of the application are accessed for example via a shortcut on the desktop and the application opens then in a new Explorer window. At this moment a second session is started with a different ID, if the used web application has some session based authentication system the user has to login again. At the same time the user has to logout twice! In browsers like Mozilla Firefox new windows are treated the same way then tabs where the problem doesn't exists.

Cross-browser session starter

The number one turn off for a website has to be loading times. If your server supports mod_expires you can improve your loading times by 66%, as well as saving your self bandwidth.

Save Bandwidth and Loading Times