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PHP Suit
Useful PHP scripts

Blog: Interesting PHP opensource projects

A bunch of interesting PHP scripts ready-for-use: Microblog, social community portal, DB manager, bookmarks manager and last (but not least): Working with video in real time.

I've recently found the Open Source PHP catalog and I've found some interesting scripts. Here they are:

dbscript is a new framework with little real-world usage yet, but it "borrows" good designs from other languages, such as the content-negotiating-View class, and Model Security. dbscript's RESTful Web services are trying to be compatible with Ruby on Rails.


SQL Buddy is a web based MySQL administration tool that focuses on usability, and simplicity. Great alternative to phpMyAdmin.

SQL Buddy

With Online-Bookmarks you have the possibility to gain a multiuser Bookmark management system that keeps Bookmarks, Favorites and Links online, where they actually are needed. It makes it easy to store browser URL's central and access them from anywhere. Share site experiences with others in a social-bookmarking manner or keep your bookmarks private and safe as you like. It is also possible to import/export Favorites from and to the most common browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera and Netscape.


Elgg is an open, flexible social networking engine, designed to run at the heart of any socially-aware application. Building on Elgg is easy, and because the engine handles common web application and social functionality for you, you can concentrate on developing your idea.


Tiny Tiny RSS is a web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator, designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible.

Tiny Tiny RSS

You can upload videos using PHP same as uploading other files on the web such as images, documents but little bit more work require for setting web server, because videos is little bit big in size, and upload large files require some extra settings. you will use file html input tag to upload videos, also you can use any third party tool to upload videos on the server.

Uploading, Grabbing Thumbnail and Displaying Videos in real time using PHP